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I really hate to bitch, but I have to get something off my chest that's actually keeping me from coming here and enjoying this site: I am fed up with the mobile app friendly infinite scrolling on here.  It's the reason why I no longer have a featured folder.  If I decide to browse someone else's gallery or favorites, I'm always vexed with this ridiculous page jumping that occurs to accommodate the continuous feed.  Twitter does this, but Twitter doesn't have the problem with the damn page jumping back to something I've seen.  It just pisses me off because I'll lose my place on something.  It never fails to happen on something I'm really interested in opening, and then it disappears.  If I remember correctly, I had the same problem with the damn app and the mobile version of the site on that infernal tablet of mine.

Actually, that tablet's coming in handy for a project.  Still, I think you can get my point.  As the saying goes: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Personally, there wasn't anything wrong with the way dA worked before.  I use a desktop mostly, and I'd dread pulling up the site on mobile because the entire interface would be different and I wouldn't be able to log out if I needed to login for my mature shit.  Why?  Why can't you just essentially cut and paste this desktop site to a mobile device?  If it's because of the risk of accidentally tapping something undesired, guess what: you're using a fucking touch screen!!!  I seriously think the technology for this shit is ahead of its time.  I put my finger right on something I want to tap, and it fat fingers something else much more than I'd like.  Sure, there's a risk for that with a keyboard;but if I put one finger down on a key, I'm not going to see the response I'd see from pressing a button three or four spaces away.  If I do, I've got a broken keyboard.  Let's see here: if the keyboard's broken, I guess I should fix it.  Right?  Get a new one for sure and perpetuate the wasteful nature of our species.

There was nothing wrong with how I viewed deviations on this site before.  There was nothing wrong with the interface in my gallery... until this mobile friendly change.  People vie for attention in public places.  Businesses strive to make every experience for every customer as personal and unique as possible.  See the problem with having a screen stuck in your face while you're away from the desk is the contribution you make to turning our species impersonal with each other.  I could be in an intimate space with someone, but they could be much more intimate with whatever is on that screen more than me.  I know I'm quicker to tell a stranger to fuck off and leave me alone before I engage them with vested interest.  I don't believe this catering to the mobile phenomenon we're currently experiencing as a species is the right path though.

This site wasn't broken, and it didn't need fixed.  My gallery is now broken because of this change.  The best way I could fix it was to compartmentalize everything into different folders that all share the same problem as my featured folder that now sits empty.
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